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Create high resolution (32 MP) 360 images, right from your smartphone

Why would you buy a 360 Camera, since you already have a fantastic device in your pocket ... your smartphone! It already has a great sensor (12, 16 or even 20MP) produced to millions of units, with storage, wifi, etc. Just add what it needs and only pay for this small difference. If you upgrade your phone, and everyone does it once in a while, you just get an upgrade to your 360 photos!

theVRkit is the bare minimum add-on to your phone to turn it into 360 Camera. We made no compromise on quality, it is even better than *best* 360 Cameras at a fraction of the price. Bulls**t? just keep reading.

The Pro Kit has been designed by Dermandar, worldwide leader in 360 technologies. Components are:

  • Bluetooth controlled 360 rotator. The panoramic head spins your phone and stops it every time to take perfect shots at regular angular steps. Compatible with all smartphones (only requirement is a gyro sensor). Includes a precise step motor (4000 steps) and a mini tripod. Compatible with standard camera tripods (1/4" screw). Provided phone holder allows to shift the phone to position the lens on the rotation axis (nodal point). Can fit any phone, even large ones (XSMAx, Note10).
  • 180 clip-on fish-eye lens. True 180 degrees, leaving no blind spot. Most so-called 180 lenses of the market have in reality only 150 degrees field of view. 4-element coated glass, with minimal chromatic aberration. Articulated clip that fits all phones, including most challenging configurations. Truly universal, compatible with multi-lens system (iPhone X, 11, Samsung S10). This is the best fish-eye lens of the market, specially designed to get the best 360 images.
  • FREE Remote Control 

You also get:

FREE Express Shipping to most countries (and discounted shipping fees for the others).

FREE state of the art on-device stitching app with built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range using multi-bracketted capture, instantly fused. Brackets are dynamically selected for each shot using AI), made by DMD Panorama team (10M+ downloads).

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 FREE app to make 360 Virtual Tours. Currently iOS but soon on Android too.


Here are a few 360 interactive views:

Kitchen with theVRkit - Kitchen with Xiaomi Mijia Sphere

Room with theVRkit - Room with Xiaomi Mijia Sphere

Full 360 tour made with theVRkit

We suggest you read this great article from 360 Rumors that describes our solution.

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  • 4
    vr kit

    Posted by Robert Williams on 11th Aug 2018

    I found the VR kit quite useful in creating 360 panoramas. As it syncs up with my S7 phone, it makes the whole process of taking a set of 360 shots pretty easy, as I'm an amateur at all this. The motorized drive unit makes it simple. The only issue I have is with how the included lens attaches to my phone. Since it's a clip-on type I have finagle the thing around to center it over my phone lens. Also, the lens can wind up off-center if it gets bumped. I'd rather spend the extra money to have a lens that would attach in a more secure way to make sure all my shots are consistent in quality and appearance. I don't have any use for the VR glasses, as I use the kit to post panos online. Overall the price makes for a great entry point into 360 pano photography biz.

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    Nice Simple to use product with some areas of improvment

    Posted by Eduardo Vega on 13th Jul 2018

    Very nice product, does what it stated on what's been advertised, but have some improvements on its design.

    By example the clap which holds the iPhone should be available to hold phone with a case, or having on the FAQ that the phone should be used without the case so it will fit on the base (same situation with the lenses).

    also the app didn't store (yet) GPS coordinates, nor have the opportunity to change the Nadir/ zenith , as it's currently not possible.

    However and despite of areas of improvement (on a product it's been stated it was develop by long tenure people on the 360 business which make me believe this simple features should be present since day one) I LOVE how simple it is to be used, and the quality of the end product (360 pics).

    Answer: thank you for your feedback Eduardo. We ship 2 phone holders, the second one (that does not come inside the box) is able to accomodate phone with very thick cases. As for GPS, you are perfectly right, and it was added.

  • 4
    Works really well and the 360 deg. results are impressive.

    Posted by Bill Pearson on 8th Jul 2018

    The presence of the app logo spoils the overall result. Why the logo should be there at all I cannot understand. Remove the logo and the rating would be 5 stars!

    Answer: thank you Bill and noted. It is planned, but we have been delayed by the release of 360Visit, an app that builds tours by connecting the images with hotspots.